Cyrus Zoghi

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190lbs

Eye: Brown

Hair: Red

Founder of Cy/Co Entertainment.
Cyrus Zoghi is an all-around entertainer.
In the early 90ʼs Cyrus became involved in the music industry as a
lyricist and producer for NEC Productions LA and Dragonz
Entertainment Sweden, but Knowing deep down in his heart that acting was
his true passion, he put music on hold to move to Los Angeles, which
he did in 2001. He fell in love with the city and has lived there ever
since. He immediately went for the best acting classes money
could buy, and so he mastered acting styles like Stanislavsky, Uta
Hagen, and Meisner. He would quickly become one of the top students in
every class he would attend.

He perfected his art by participating in various theatrical pieces
like Our County is Good, The Dumb Waiter, Misanthrope,
Othello, and many more.
He has Starred in various commercials, including a 2012 Davy Award-winning spot for The Luxor Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas.
An adept screenwriter, he co-wrote an award winning short The Merchant, which
he not only brought in his musical expertise and composed the
soundtrack for the film, but also starred in it as well. Check out the
reel to see pieces of all of these performances.


Cronus  - Benton
Corbin Nash - Biker
Opus of an Angel - Homeless man
The Merchant - Lars (Lead/Co-writer)
The Crystal Crypt - Eriksson (Lead/ex-producer)
Maul Dogs - Bobby the scottish bowler (Guest Star)


Vita Lögner - Hasse Lind (Guest star)  STV Production

KNIGHTS - Sir Avon (Principal)  Anarchy Entertainment

My Haunted House - The bowler hat killer (Co-star)



Chevy - Boyfriend

Amazon (EchoDot) - Hipster

GEICO - Viking 3

LUXOR Hotel& Resort - The Comeback Kid - Roommate




Our Country’s Good -  John Arscott/George Johnston  <LA pierce Theatre>

Extremities - Raul  <LA pierce Theatre>

Sexual Perversity in Chicago - Danny  <LA pierce Theatre>

The odd Couple - Felix  <LA pierce Theatre>

The Dumb Waiter - Gus  <Odyssey   Theatre>

Misanthrope - Alcaste  <LA pierce Theatre>

Medea - King Creon  <Le Classic Production>                                                     

Othello - Iago  <LA pierce Theatre>                                                                                     



Bobbi Chance – Scene study, Emotion retrieval  

Anita Adcock -  Movement, Stage combat, Voice preparation.

Valorie Grear -  Advanced Acting, Improv, Script Analysis.

J. Casablancas - Paul Sarnoff: Commercial acting, Television.

J. Casablancas - Elimu Nelson: Audition Preparation, Commercial Acting



Fluent :      English, Swedish, Farsi (Iranian)

Accents:    British, Scottish, Irish, standard American, Southern, East coast, Canadian, Swedish,

Scandinavian, French, Italian, Russian, Latino South American, South African, Farsi (Iranian),

Middle Eastern. Voice over (Reel on demand)



Special skills

Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Sprint, Dance (street, Ballroom) Excellent Cook, Masseuse, Stage Combat,

Firearms (handguns, rifles,) Motorcycle, Stick shift driving, Kung Fu (Wing Chun, Jeet kune do),

Karate, Stage Craft, Stage Design, Lighting,

Musician (Producer/Lyricist/Singer)